Nick Pinheiro launches Modern Appz, the next chapter in Digital Marketing

Platform empowers digital influencers, marketers, businesses and organizations by providing them with direct access to the user data of their audience
By David Chung
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

In front of thousands of developers and digital marketers at Facebook’s F8 conference last week and this week's Microsoft Build conference, Nick Pinheiro launched what will be the next chapter in digital marketing, Modern Appz.

Modern Appz, an innovative software as a service (SaaS) platform, empowers digital influencers, marketers, businesses and organizations by providing them with direct access to the user data of their audience. As social feed algorithms increase in complexity, brands continue to lose organic reach and visibility. With Modern Appz’s flagship service, ‘Subscriber’, businesses will now be able to communicate directly with their audiences via Facebook Account, Email, SMS or WhatsApp.

Subscriber, a service unlike any available in the digital marketplace, allows internet users the ability to subscribe to a brand via four communication channels. In addition, the service also provides customers with detailed geographic information of their opt-in subscribers to assist with targeted digital marketing. Without any technical skillset, marketers can now leverage the power of services such as Facebook Login to fuel powerful data-driven marketing campaigns.

It's time to put the power back in the hands of individuals and businesses of all sizes. It's time they OWNED their audience.

Nick Pinheiro | Founder, Modern Appz

Nick Pinheiro, founder of Modern Appz, is an AI, Cloud and Software Architect at Microsoft in the Apps Global Domain where he drives digital transformation for organizations of all sizes by architecting and developing intelligent, cloud-based, web and mobile solutions. Known as the authority on integrating Microsoft and Facebook Technologies, Nick is a key player in Data Science and it’s ability to reach various forms of audiences.

Moving forward, Modern Appz will release a full suite of products all geared towards revolutionizing data-driven marketing using techniques such as content-based and conversational marketing.

‘Subscriber’ is now available in the United States with additional countries coming in the second half of 2019.

Customers from across the United States have begun creating their 'Subscriber' web apps. Above are businesses spanning several industries already on the platform.
Author: David Chung, Full-stack Developer at Modern Appz

Hello, my name is David. I work on Subscriber and many of the upcoming services of Modern Appz. Get started today and see how you can quickly and easily begin to communicate directly with your audience.

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