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The Modern Appz suite of products are designed to provide you with direct access to the user data of YOUR audience. No longer deal with algorithms which are designed to reduce your visibility. It’s time to ‘Own your Audience’. Get Started FREE with Subscriber!

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Subscriber, a service unlike any available in the digital marketplace, empowers digital influencers, marketers, businesses and organizations by providing them with direct access to the user data of their audience.
  • Simplify and increase subscription conversions with Facebook Login.
  • Capture subscriber user data with Facebook Login, Email, SMS and WhatsApp.
  • Obtain detailed geographic data of your subscribers.
  • Download user data to use for subscriber communications.
  • Upload your user data to the Facebook Ad Platform.
  • Upload your user data to any Email Marketing provider.
  • Create Facebook Custom and Lookalike audiences.
  • Full Insights and Dashboard to track your progress.
  • Custom confirmation text to drive funnel traffic.
  • Customize your web app with your own app cover and photo.
  • Role management to provide adminstrative access to others.
  • Embed your web app on a Facebook Page Tab or your Website.

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